Shattered Grace

Shattered Grace is set in an AU Earth in the year 2446.  
The moon was destroyed in a catastrophic even that left it split with trailing debris. Due to this the planets axis shifted, the polar caps are in the process of melting and global sea levels have risen dramatically. A ravaged climate and war has destroyed much of Turtle Island, pushing its inhabitants to the coasts to live in great walled cities.

For all those need to know answers that weren't in the book.


I am a very expressive and emotional individual. Not quite a synesthete, music still has a pretty profound influence on me. Take the song, 'It won't kill ya' by the Chainsmokers; the club scene where Camille and Allie first hook up was almost fully inspired by the emotional impact the song had on me. 
That being said, here is the playlist I listened to while writing Shattered Grace.


The nitty gritty on the walled metropolis of New Salish City.